Triple B Dives into the World of Doughlicious

Triple B Dives into the World of Doughlicious

A Strategic Investment in the UK's Premier Cookie Dough Snack Platform

AMSTERDAM, NETHERLANDS, May 02, 2024 -- Triple B, a dynamic investment group dedicated to fostering innovation and entrepreneurship, proudly announces its strategic investment in Doughlicious The London Dough Co®, the UK's leading cookie dough snack platform. This investment marks Triple B's entry into the flourishing world of snacking, further diversifying its portfolio and reinforcing its commitment to supporting innovative ventures with transformative potential.

The recent investment round, which raised £3.5 million for Doughlicious, sets the stage for the company's continued growth and market penetration. With a nationwide launch in Whole Foods Market stores across the United States, Doughlicious is poised to captivate even more consumers with its array of frozen Cookie Dough and Gelato Bites. From classic favorites like Chocolate Chip and Chocolate Truffle to innovations like Cinnamon Churro, Doughlicious offers a diverse range of flavors to satisfy every craving. Doughlicious also produces a full line of award-winning ready-to-bake cookie dough and ready-to-eat cookies that it sells to leading grocers and food service providers throughout the UK and beyond.

Doughlicious The London Dough Co.
"Triple B is thrilled to partner with Doughlicious, a trailblazer in the world of gourmet snacking," remarked Thomas A. Bata, CEO of Triple B. "The impressive 100% year-over-year business growth in each of the previous several years and the recent successful investment round underscore Doughlicious' potential for further expansion and innovation. We are excited to join forces with Doughlicious and support its mission of delivering superior snacking experiences while championing sustainability and quality."

Doughlicious has rapidly captured the hearts and taste buds of consumers with its offerings, revolutionizing the way people enjoy classic cookie dough snacks. Handcrafted in London in its bespoke 22,000 sq foot production facility that runs on renewable electricity, Doughlicious' pre-portioned cookie dough based snacks deliver chewy, creamy goodness, elevating the snacking experience while minimizing food waste. Gluten-free certified and made from the finest natural ingredients, Doughlicious' products embody the perfect fusion of indulgence and sustainability, empowering consumers to indulge guilt-free.

"Doughlicious is delighted to embark on this exciting journey with Triple B," said Kathryn Bricken, Founder of Doughlicious. "Our partnership represents a synergistic alignment of values and vision, as we continue to redefine the snack category with our innovative products and unwavering commitment to quality and sustainability. Together, we look forward to expanding Doughlicious' reach and delighting consumers around the globe."

As the company embarks on this exciting new phase of growth and innovation, Doughlicious and Triple B are well positioned to redefine the snack category and continually delight consumers worldwide.

Kathryn Bricken, Founder and CEO
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Triple B is an international investment group committed to empowering innovators and entrepreneurs for positive impact. With a focus on real estate, growth opportunities, and venture companies, Triple B seeks to support projects and ideas that embody innovation and responsible capitalism. Founded by Thomas G. Bata, Thomas A. Bata, and Charlotte Bata-How, Triple B is dedicated to driving meaningful change in communities worldwide.


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About Doughlicious The London Dough Co.

Doughlicious, proudly female-founded and operated, is on a mission to redefine the cookie dough experience by creating the ultimate snackable affair. Focused on better-for-you ingredients and sustainable practices, the brand introduces a fresh perspective to the frozen snack category. Doughlicious' Cookie Dough and Gelato Bites are certified gluten-free and carefully produced at the company’s London, England facility. For more information, visit

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