Triple B is an international family group with a mission to empower innovators and entrepreneurs for positive impact.

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We participate in real estate, growth opportunities, and scalable companies, while supporting education programs in innovation and entrepreneurship.

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What we do.

Triple B investments are characterised by scalability in areas where we can truly bring value-add. We aim to invest in projects and ideas which represent innovation and responsible capitalism.
Triple B Real Estate

We invest in “A grade” commercial real estate assets which have unique characteristics.

Triple B Growth

We focus on partnering with founder teams that are looking for a value-add but non-intrusive partner with no fixed-term exit horizon.

Triple B Venture

We invest in venture-stage companies where we can add value by leveraging our team’s operational expertise.

Latest Investments

Triple B Dives into the World of Doughlicious

Triple B Dives into the World of Doughlicious

Triple B Expands Portfolio with Acquisition of OMNi Centre in Edinburgh

Triple B, an international investment group dedicated to fostering innovation and entrepreneurship, proudly announces its acquisition of OMNi Centre Edinburgh, one of Scotland's most iconic leisure and entertainment destinations, situated in the heart of the vibrant city centre.

Triple B Expands Portfolio with Acquisition of OMNi Centre in Edinburgh

Venture Portfolio.

Our current involvement includes companies spanning sports/ consumer brands, and retail/e-commerce technology.

Values that
Drive us.

Our aim is to create a meaningful impact through partnerships founded on shared values.

Being approachable, empathetic investors who foster genuine partnerships, embodying humility and directness.
Cultivating curiosity, fostering innovative solutions, and embracing open-mindedness to drive positive change.
Serving as passionate partners, actively developing impactful ventures and empowering ideas to flourish.
Global Vision
Constructing enduring networks through global connections, borderless reach, and international collaborations.
Responsible Capitalism
Investing to generate revenue and enduring value beyond profits, leaving a positive legacy for the future.


Our experienced team, boasting strong financial, strategic, managerial, communications, and operational backgrounds, is dedicated to ensuring the success of our projects and portfolio companies.

Our platform for nurturing social impact, hosting and promoting initiatives in education, leadership, and entrepreneurship.

Since year 2020 we have been providing advisory and financial support to this global student-entrepreneur network with +4 million European members.

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We see sports as a source of leadership and platform to connect with younger generations, this is why we have been supporting Aubonne Tennis club and sponsoring the Bata Open since year 2016.

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We develop high-quality content through case studies of successful startup founders, which we share with our partners and young entrepreneurs' distribution networks.

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University Thomas Bata UTB Logo

With board participation and international promotion of the university's successful projects, the Bata Family has supported Thomas Bata University from its inception.

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We sponsor and co-create content and events with this Swiss Platform dedicated to teaching and improving entrepreneurial skills to school students.

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Connect with Triple B to foster innovation. We invite entrepreneurs, startup founders, and co-investors to reach out for potential partnership discussions, strategic alliances, or investment opportunities.

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Founded in 2020 by Thomas G. Bata, Thomas A. Bata, and Charlotte Bata-How, family members of the pioneering Bata Shoe Business, Triple B embodies a legacy of innovation and entrepreneurship. Our primary goal is to transfer this legacy to foster business growth. We actively support projects and entrepreneurs that align with our values of innovation, entrepreneurship, global vision, responsible capitalism and authenticity.